My name is Mark Alvis. I'm a design-thinker, strategist and musician. Aside from drinking way too much coffee, I've spent the past 8 years designing all things coffee-related with cafe startups and Starbucks Global Creative.

As a split INTJ / INTP, I am an organized, systems-minded, detail-freak, with creative disciplines including photography, typography, layout and creative strategy. I use the latest Adobe Creative Suite on Mac, with HTML / CS6 knowledge, and years of direct client interaction.

I really love digging down to discover the heart of the problem. Design isn't just decoration, it lives or dies by strategy and intentionality to clearly execute the business objective at hand.

The design process is a unique opportunity to look at a project from the viewers perspective. When done right, a design project is built to easily answer the questions the user has, but also inspire action. I love defining and creating solutions to these type of complex problems - using psychology, strategy and a little ninjitsu. Good design make things simpler, and in turn more beautiful.

 Photograph by Mark Alvis